Since 1987 Didier WÜRTZ devotes himself to the contemporary marquetry. In 1990-92 he obtains a 2 years scholarship from the CNAP (National center of plastics arts) within the Ministry of Culture.Professional artist, he is registered to the artist’s house and identified in the business register (n°siret). He exposed his work in France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Canada (Montreal) and Miami (USA).
He practices marquetry, painting, pastel, inks, enamels on copper, and since 2005 he improvises some painting’s performances during jazz concert. He also involves the public to the production oflarge format canvas (1,90m x 3,50 m).
The traditional marquetry reconstitutes an image from pieces of wood, like a puzzle. Contemporary marquetry superimposes various wooden veneers and sanding then reveals the underlying layers by transparency through the wood, this techniques hasn’t been seen so far.
He uses natural wood veneers as well as dyed ones. They are sinked into dye baths for few days, this way, when they are stick together, then sanded, the colour stays and may blend with the venners underneath.
Didier Würtz adds to this technic a personal touch as he includes papers (crumpled paper, road map, wallpaper), hues, pigments, metal's powder, thus realizing painting's synthesis and wood's marquetry. He produces pictures, furnitures and recently, practicing lutherie, he decorates electric guitars.