Jean Cavalié is an acoustic guitar luthier. After 10 years of research and development, he manages to create a soundboard that uses carbon fiber very different of what we already know (RainSong, Adamas). It is a major technological breakthrough! The board is neither sensitive to hygrometric nor to temperature variations. This soundboard concept enables a true restitution of the instrument frequencies with a perfectly balanced and powerful sound.
Didier Wurtz, painter and marquetry specialist for 30 years, develops contemporary marquetry techniques. While traditional marquetry reconstitutes an image from pieces of wood, like a puzzle, contemporary marquetry superimposes various wooden veneers and sanding then reveals the underlying layersby transparency through the wood. The original input of Didier Wurtz to this technique consists in adding other materials, like wood and metal powders, printed-paper, wallpaper, and paint, thus bridging the fields of marquetry and painting. He has learned electric guitar making and made his own instruments to see an old dream come true and decorate guitars with his marquetry work. Indeed, only electric guitars, with their solid body, allowed such an innovation back then, while the constraints on the harmony soundboard prevented it on an acoustic guitar.
Jean Cavalié and Didier Wurtz met at the “Graines de Guitare” luthier exhibition in July 2015. They appreciated each other’s work and decided to unite their talent at the service of a unique project: to realize and acoustic guitar decorated with contemporary marquetry, which is now made possible with the carbon soundboard.
They have made two instruments to date: the “AURORE” concert classical guitar and the “Two of Us” steel-string acoustic guitar. These unique guitars are up to the production quality of Jean Cavalié and sound as good as any of the guitars he makes. About these instruments, guitar virtuoso Al Di Méola declared in June 2011: “Definitely one of the best guitar I’ve ever played”. And blues legend Taj Mahal, who acquired two of them, declared in January 2011: “This isn’t just a guitar, it’s an entire orchestra!”